Friday, December 4, 2009


This is Ira and I at the girl's sauna night-every Friday
night this group of gals get together in these
sauna "suites" 5 rooms plus a place to change--big table where we brought in food and beer and then there was the sauna--shower--room to sit and talk--what a way to be in with the locals!
I was exhausted and couldn't understand anything anyways--their munches were smoked fish with bones, smoked string cheese, fried bread and cabbage salad. The sauna felt GREAT--how do you like my "do-rag"?

I leave today for Moscow--if I don't get an email out, I retrun Dec 10 with lots of Russian pictures--Very excited to travel like a local--much love!

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  1. Peaches -
    Looking forward to tales of Moscow in the coming days. You sounds safe and well and having some great experiences!
    Love you lots,