Monday, November 16, 2009


This is about as blurry as I feel ---this is the feminine Goddess that protects Cherkasy- it overlooks a beautiful river. TEMENOS-the spiritual center is right near this beautiful powerful woman.

Today I felt like a "local"--I left Cherkasy at 5am to go to Kiev. Many people have to take this bus-3hrs--each way-to have work in Kiev. The guy was a maniac--it was more like the bullet train.

I met Ira --my own special Angel--and after a McDonalds coffee we bused to the Russian Embassy to show them my documents to get a Visa for Russia. We were the first ones there--I had to have an invitation which I got from Olga-a woman I met at the conference. Things went well--I will pick up the paperwork in 2 weeks.

Then subway/bus/walking back to pour my body back in bus for 3 hours....I snuggled into a nice nap when I got home!

Friday, November 13, 2009


For those of you who have never traveled in Europe with me don't know that I have a real thing for rod iron. I have pictures of door, fences, lights and windows. I can't explain it but I am so drawn to the shapes and patterns--I think it's so artistic--I'm sharing one of the designs with you.! My class started--it's a challenge to work with an interpreter because I have to talk so slow and wait for the translation but overall it went well--we're a small group. We wore masks in support of the Government closing public places however most of the town has not. Next week is the last week of the closings.
The Prime Minister of Ukraine called for the closings. She is running for President in 2010 and they are saying she made that move in hopes of pushing the elections back to May which would give her more time to campaign---politics and drama----part of every country...

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The Ukraine people are very bright--they must be because I know all people are bright. I observe the mindset--If it's not broken, don't fix it--there are older women who are paid to sweep leaves and they do so with a broom made out of tree branches .It's probably is the best way to do it or they would have created something else. In the US we have those obnoxious blowers that are so loud but they too work. I think it's great the Ukraine pays their people to sweep and yes it would probably go faster using blowers but this is the way they do there you have it!

I continue to know the flu isn't in my circle of influence. The locals don't seem to think anything of the threat because very few are wearing protection. I use antibac soap many times a day and have doubled up on vitamins and C. I think the Center will open-so I can start my class---this week w/ mandatory masks. I will go w/ translator to Kiev to the Ukraine Embassy to get the paperwork handled for the VISA (I just like to capitalize that word) to go to Moscow the first
week of December. I have been eating homemade blintzes from Ira's mom---they are to die for!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here's Rick and Melissa, from Santa Rosa, in front of a beautiful Roman Orthodox Church that I walk by everyday-It's right before I reach the office.
This Swine flu is really hitting home here--the government has asked that there be no social
gathering of people. There have been 5 deaths in
the city. So, we are closing our office for a week
to support the orders--I mean guideline that the
government has given. After a week we'll see how
things go--the government has requested no gatherings for 3 weeks.--Stay tuned!


Last weekend Barbara and friends--Vitalek and Olga-- took on
a little wine making. The grapes had been picked (thanks,
Vitalek) so all we had to do is clean them off. We didn't use the
STOMP method with our feet, we did the "squich" technique
with our hands. Then we put the juice through a sifting cloth
to get the liquid in even more pure. It won't be ready to drink
for a while--it was such a great day for a nice outside project.
We enjoyed Ukraine vittles and American chili--oh yea!