Saturday, November 7, 2009


The Ukraine people are very bright--they must be because I know all people are bright. I observe the mindset--If it's not broken, don't fix it--there are older women who are paid to sweep leaves and they do so with a broom made out of tree branches .It's probably is the best way to do it or they would have created something else. In the US we have those obnoxious blowers that are so loud but they too work. I think it's great the Ukraine pays their people to sweep and yes it would probably go faster using blowers but this is the way they do there you have it!

I continue to know the flu isn't in my circle of influence. The locals don't seem to think anything of the threat because very few are wearing protection. I use antibac soap many times a day and have doubled up on vitamins and C. I think the Center will open-so I can start my class---this week w/ mandatory masks. I will go w/ translator to Kiev to the Ukraine Embassy to get the paperwork handled for the VISA (I just like to capitalize that word) to go to Moscow the first
week of December. I have been eating homemade blintzes from Ira's mom---they are to die for!

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