Monday, November 16, 2009


This is about as blurry as I feel ---this is the feminine Goddess that protects Cherkasy- it overlooks a beautiful river. TEMENOS-the spiritual center is right near this beautiful powerful woman.

Today I felt like a "local"--I left Cherkasy at 5am to go to Kiev. Many people have to take this bus-3hrs--each way-to have work in Kiev. The guy was a maniac--it was more like the bullet train.

I met Ira --my own special Angel--and after a McDonalds coffee we bused to the Russian Embassy to show them my documents to get a Visa for Russia. We were the first ones there--I had to have an invitation which I got from Olga-a woman I met at the conference. Things went well--I will pick up the paperwork in 2 weeks.

Then subway/bus/walking back to pour my body back in bus for 3 hours....I snuggled into a nice nap when I got home!

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