Monday, December 14, 2009


Here I am journal ling so I can relay my trip to you--I've got the only colored shirt I brought- brilliant red. Moscow is very fashionable--most women wear high heeled boots-I don't know
how they do it--especially in the snow!

We walked through the neatest park that ended up at what
used to be a palace (perhaps I lived there in another life!?) but now it is a museum with Moscow artifacts. We made it there
on Monday so it wasn't open but because we study Religious Science, we had a great time enjoying the outdoor and admiring the architecture. I like the way snow flakes show up in the picture of Nastia and I--they look like snowballs but they aren't.
Sergui had joined us for most of the day before heading home.
We headed home too--first went to the market--they asked what I wanted and said Chicken--When we first arrived, Olga had prepared "fish in gelatin" which was a Russian specialty.

I looked like Jello but there were pieces of fish underneath and little garnish that showed were the squares were. Since I always say "Yes" when I'm a guest in someones home, I tried it and it was good! The chicken was much better--bread and butter, boiled potatoes--instant coffee and Eagle Brand milk---did I mention I put on a few pounds here with this hearty eating?

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  1. I love your photos of Moscow in the snow! You look fabulous in your blue wool coat and red scarves darling. I am anxious to hear if your wardrobe served you well. Fish in gelatin sounds horrible. Sounds like you will be craving Starbucks when you return - instant coffee with Eagle brand milk cannot be good.