Friday, December 11, 2009


It really as a dream for me to go to Russia. I could not have done a trip like that without a translator--not only did I not understand every sign, it wouldn't have helped to ask someone what the sign said. Nastia, a 25 year old angel made Moscow come alive for me. She thought ahead and got the Metro passes and tickets for the trolley buses.
The trip--17 hours on the train--was smooth. We were in the "cheap beds" with the locals. We had a wonderful meal of bread and cheese and chocolate before we hit our beds. My Ipod was great company but I loved the sound of the train moving across the track. This photo is of Olga and I in her flat having tea. I met her at the conference-she met us at the train station. We shared her flat with 2 cats-the flat has been in her family for many years. That is the most common way to get into real estate.

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