Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ira and Daughter Alesya in kitchen

Here is pic of Ira and her daughter at the kitchen table.
We've been having oatmeat with bananas and instant coffee in the morming. Ira steps
out to get pastries which is our downfall.. The week was so great--I got to teach the 2 Friday groups since Barbara was heading to south Ukraine on the overnight train. Then we heard that
there has been a swine flu scare. Keep in mind that I have not heard or seen any news for a month. Barbara decided not to go because of the flu thing.

Ira's girls have been down this week, 14 and 16
they are so great practicing their english with
me. They are typical teenagers--love to sleep.

In God all things are possible...I'm aware of my
need for humor and laughter. My humor is
clearly not understood here. Believe it or not
there is a thrift store on the was to the office--
is anyone surprised?

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  1. What? How could they not understand your humor with that twinkle in your eye!!