Friday, October 23, 2009


So I've been here almost a month! When I first got here we toured for a few days then went south to Crimea--a resort on the Black Sea. This is where the conference was being held. So there were workshops (I did one) speakers and activites. We ate all our meals together in a "mess hall." Breakfast was always some kind of cooked cereal, pepperoni, corn and peas--very strange.The ukraine people were incredibly warm and outgoing. We sang songs, put skits together and had a ball.

A high point for me was the view from my room (see pic) and swimming in the Black Sea--it was very powerful. At the conclusion we all took the 17 hour overnight train ride back up to Cherkasy(where the center resides). I said bye to everyone as they were leaving for the states later that day.


  1. Hi Lovely Lori, So happy to read your words and see a glimmer of your Urakianian life! you are sorely missed and I think of you everyday on your grand adventure. xoSP

  2. Glad all is well..lots of stories when you return...keep writing. Jim

  3. Lori, happy Birthday friend -how do you say that in Ukranian? tee hee I met up with Dale and gave him your paperwork yesterday and few things you left here before our airport ride. Great to see the you're inspiring me to be more frequent on my site! Stay in touch as I'm loving your updates.