Sunday, October 25, 2009


Did I mention that Russian and English do not come from Latin so there is NO...NO correlation between these 2 languages. When I said before I know a little Russian--I know 2 words "yes" and no and I hav'ent added any new words. And the shopkeepers don't think I'm cute and they don't smile---anyways..2 nites ago I was getting ready to hit the hay and I decided to close the bedroom door--only to learn that I couldn't get it open--it was completely jammed-wouldn't budge. I had a screwdriver (thanks to that Bob Sheets influance) and tried to take the door off--I am an American. No luck. In the morning finally my roommate came for me and couldn't get in. As I was removing the doornob-with my screwdriver , I started to yell to her I was in the bedroom and couldn't get out and then I din't hear anything. Next I heard all this sound and clanging--it was so loud--I was scared to death-I didn't know what was going on so I kept
pounding on the door and FINALLY I guess the guy got into the flat and was able to get the jammed door free....boy do I have an exciting life!!!

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  1. Holy smoke - what an adventure! Fun to read, though. I couldn't help think of "what is she had to go to the bathroom!!"