Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'M A YEAR WISER....Imagine that! I had my birthday yesterday--it started by roomate Ira
leaving a container of pastries with raisins, chocolate and goo---I couldn't count as high of the calories--off the charts. I studies here at the house--I'm taking a course for my ministerial license--World Religions--then to the Center. Rev Barbara started the SOM community 9
years ago--she has office space and a few rooms for teaching. The staff is getting things back together following the annual Conference in Crimea--South Ukraine. They had another foreigner pastry for me and singing and flowers and a very nice gift. Later that day we had 2 classes-Unexpected Income and The Power of Love--the interpreter did'nt show so I powered
through 2+hours of Russian--who knows what was going on! It was a great day!

Very few people speak English--the first 2 times I walked to the grocery they had their
security people following me. Barbara and I both felt some cold/flu thing coming on so we both layed low today. She's having folks over for lunch tomorrow-soup for sure. We haven't
talked about how we'll be working together---probably tommorow....That's all for now!

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